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We provide seamless project management,  expert moderation, insightful analysis and clear and focused communication. We use a variety of techniques and innovative methodologies

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How we can help: our expertise

Synthesis and reviews

We are expert in using existing research, data and insight holistically: bringing multiple and diverse sources of consumer information together to build new, actionable insights and planning tools to drive brand growth 

Whether you need someone to take    a research report and write a set of concepts off the back of it, or a confident workshop facilitator to help your team develop their thinking, or just an extra pair of safe and experienced hands to manage project overload, we can help 

Strategic consulting 

We bring our strategic planning and conceptual thinking skills to bear in order to identify, analyse and solve complex business issues. We relish the challenge of the knottiest problems and delight in creating clarity 

Qualitative research 

Everything we do starts from the consumer. 

We use research of all types to generate business-building insight in order to drive change. Sometimes that knowledge exists already and can be mined and applied; sometimes new knowledge needs to be sought out and understanding developed. 

We pride ourselves on being strategic thinkers. We combine that with solid commercial acumen and are adept at providing insight leadership to a wide range of stakeholders. 

All our associates are seasoned research and marketing professionals with a wide range of category and brand experience. Global brands are in our DNA and we have strong relationships with partner agencies around the world. We are based in London but our work travels well. 

What we can do for you 

Welcome to Hubbub

We are a strategy and insight consultancy specialising in branding, communications and innovation.

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Minke Klerk / CI Director, Unilever

“A joy to work with such professionals”